UnionVille Stars F.C 

We got the chance to sit down and interview our very own Italian Stallion

Name: Tony Lamanna

From: Scarborough now residing in the"bridge"
USFC: When you joined the team:

TL: 2013/14? I can't remember our first year as individuals.
USFC: Favourite team

TL: Toronto FC
USFC: Favourite Player

TL: Toss up between Giovinco and Kenroy
USFC: Who on the Stars is the laziest

TL: Kenroy
USFC: Who on the Stars is the best player

TL: Sammy
USFC: Who on the Stars has the worst celebration

TL: A toss up between myself and Bob. Neither of us have scored a goal so I'm sure it would be ridiculous if we ever did notch one. Maybe we should get together and coordinate something if we ever do score a goal. Wait, I think Bobby has scored...in our own net!
USFC: Favourite memory playing with the Stars
TL: Quite a few memories to choose from.  Davy constantly yelling at us. Raimin screaming for a pass when we don't have possession.Moe scoring against Markham United!

But, If I had to pick one it would be making the finals in our first season together. A group of individuals to start the season, we were consistently poor all season long but really came together in that playoff run.  We beat Wavy Boyz  who were a solid squad and we sent them boys home crying...literally!