UnionVille Stars F.C 

UnionvilleStarsFC.casat down with our captain Davy for a quick interview, check it out below

Name: Davy Rooney

From: Dublin, Ireland

Joined the Stars: 2013

Favorite Team: Dublin Senior GAA

Favorite Player: Roy Keane

USFC: Who is the laziest players on the Stars

DR: Tony by a mile!

USFC: Who is the best players on the Stars

DR: Nick

USFC: Who has the worst celebration

DR: Kenroy. I remember he scored a goal from 25 yards and started screaming  " SEE, THATS WHAT I CAN DO!!!! JUST GIMME ME THE BALL MAN!!!", he was like a mad man. Great goal nonetheless

USFC: Favorite memory with the Stars

DR: So many to chose from in such a short history!

Bob and his "That ones on me guy" excuse is great,

Jeromes goal against Wavy Boyz from close to the halfway line was special.

But it has to be being the first indie team to make it to the Championship Game in our first season.

USFC: What are looking forward to most next season

DR: Going one step further and winning the Championship.

And lots of beer and wings throughout the summer!!

Davy during our semi final victory